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What Does Dedicated Delivery Mean?

Drivers, Shippers
Today there was a total solar eclipse viewable across the US mainland. And not to eclipse that event ?…it was also a Monday (known to many as the beginning of the work-week). Most in the parcel delivery industry know that…

What Are Drivers Looking for From Employers?

Drivers, Shippers
Today’s career market is booming with opportunities for drivers. There is more demand for delivery and fewer drivers for companies to choose from. It is a driver’s market. So, what can set a company apart to attract talented drivers? Pay…

Is Everybody Having Trouble Finding Good Drivers?

Today’s transportation industry looks very different from just 5 years ago. According to many in the industry, the plentiful driver applicants seem to have dwindled and many new hires are new to the driving profession altogether. Most carriers openly lament…