What Are Drivers Looking for From Employers?

Today’s career market is booming with opportunities for drivers. There is more demand for delivery and fewer drivers for companies to choose from. It is a driver’s market. So, what can set a company apart to attract talented drivers?

Pay – no surprise here. Drivers want to be paid well. Pay is not enough though. With all the different ways to be paid—hourly, salary, per mile, per delivery stop—drivers are looking for that mix of incentives and predictability. What is the company philosophy towards their work force? Is it the company’s intent to make a fair and rewarding compensation structure for its drivers? A company that sets itself apart in this regard will attract the top talent.

Security – after living through the recession 7 – 10 years ago, it follows that career security is important for drivers. The most well-intentioned companies might not have a plan for what is thrown at them in the future. Increasingly driver candidates are asking about the financial health of the companies they interview with. Drivers are looking for stability, diversity, and growth. They want their company to have large customers AND budding future prospects.

Safety – although often taken for granted, nothing sours an individual more than thinking he or she can get injured while making a living. Many preach the good word about safety, but actions speak louder and drivers often get mixed messages. Drivers want to know the company cares about safety and expects their drivers to be safe. It is a two-way street. Companies that provide—new and well-maintained vehicles; get all preventative maintenance; provide safety apparel and tools like reflective vests; and do not badger their drivers with frequent cell phone calls while the driver is on the road—those companies attract drivers who expect to drive safe.

Good working conditions – can be subjective. Individuals value working conditions differently, but most drivers seem to ask for these common conditions: organization, consistency, and respect. Drivers want their companies to be organized. Besides instilling confidence, it also is a practical requirement so the driver can efficiently load and go make deliveries. No one likes excessive wait times, or confusion on what to do. Consistency is highly valued. The more conditions that can be consistent the better. It allows drivers to more easily adapt and solve those factors that are not controllable and will change from day to day. Drivers who feel respected, also display respect to their co-workers, leadership, and delivery customers.

Part of a Growing Team – drivers are encouraged by growth. They know it means more opportunity. They want a team because everyone needs some help and support from time to time. Companies that have these attributes seem to also have opportunities for career advancement, which is a plus, because not everyone intends to drive for their whole career.

If your company uses: good pay, career security, safety, good working conditions, and making drivers important contributors of a growing team—or you partner with a delivery company that does—than you will benefit from attracting good drivers to deliver for you.

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